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Tom Christ is a musician, storyteller, small business owner, tour guide, free thinker and Reconnective Healing practitioner. Originally from Anchorage Alaska, his spiritual awakening began in 2007 following an in- person encounter with the ancient master known as Thoth, which lead him to the desert of Sedona Arizona in 2010. From there, life accelerated and began to unfold like some sort of legend. In 2020, Tom arrived at a place where he is finally ready to started sharing his story of stage. Tom has lived a life of extraordinary synchronicity and mystic experience which is shared through storytelling, comedy and epic acoustic art rock songs

The Story of My Lives
Join Tom Christ on a musical journey through the oversoul as he shares the story of his awakening through his encounters with the ancient Master known as Thoth, the subsequent remembrance of his karmic connections to the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, and the healing of a cycle of karma going back to Atlantis and even further to the beginning of time.  Have a listen to a mind expanding trip that is offered to aid you in your own journey of self forgiveness, healing, past life remembrance and living your own personal legend guided by synchronicity and divine alignment, all delivered with a good dose of humor and insight. This story is not only a personal “reincarnation” story, but a story of prophecy that threads into the spiritual awakening of humanity as a whole. In between story segments are epic acoustic rock songs featuring unique chords and time signatures, otherworldly rythms and spiritually profound lyrics.