Tashina Foster



Tashina is an Apache that was born on a planet in the Andromedon Gallaxy.

She is here to help and has devoted the better part of her life to this, including being part of the Standing Rock Protestors in 2017.  She was urged by Chief Golden Light Eagle to ‘come out’ and speak her truth many years ago, though it put herself and her family at risk at that time.  After a long hiatus, she has agreed to speak at the Dreamscape event!

Curiously, she saw the name Susan Morgan on her long lost (but newly found) flip phone a week or so ago. It was dated 2017 and that Susan was a friend of Aros Crystos.  She wondered who this was as she had no recollection.  The next day Susan reached out to her, via FB, after being inspired by her guides to ask Tashina to speak!

Susan was still living in New Hampshire in 2017 and had not met Tashina or Aros at that time.  Magic is afoot!

Tashina’s website is windstargalactichealing.com