Shifu Jingshen


Early on, Shifu Jingshen’s deep interests led him to become a practitioner of health & wellness, and dive deep into quantum healing, following the healing works of those in many ancient scripture. This search detoured in the logical mind and led him to a degree in the Architectural and Computer Sciences simultaneously while becoming a Christian Science practitioner and a 6th° 36th generation Shaolin warrior disciple.

Shifu Jingshen has a passion for healing others, and aligning with true naturopathy, that is, true detoxification of the body & cellular regeneration (Lymphatic Iridology), emotional detoxification of the mind & mental vitality (Quantum Past Life), soul detoxification of intention & quantum spiritual alignment (Quantum Healing).

And so Kaivalya (the process) was born, referring to the final stage of enlightenment, a state of total awareness. Inspiring new ways of being and understanding in the world, by living simply, learning joyfully, experiencing community, and honoring the land. Kaivalya Nicaragua aligns with Permaculturesovereignty and local indigenous values. A vision, movement and global response, to keep all foods purely organic, trueganic, 100% free of toxins. To protect the individual rights of the people and private food production.

The success of Quantum Naturopathy, true detoxification in chronic and degenerative issues has been recognized worldwide. Experience has shown a 99% healing rate in most bio-logical and physical issues. This involves the understanding that our being is the healer, and that energy is at the core of healing. Energy or the destruction of energy results from the design of the permaculture system, what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin, and how we think, the positioning of our consciousness.

Shifu Jingshen’s program has proven that, Success with True Detoxification WILL HEAL your gut, brain and circulatory systems at the same time, so you can end symptom chaos and