Scott Blackwell.  Architect of ”The American Silk-Road”.  Founder & Progenitor of SedonaWest with UltimateSedonaAdventures into & out of FlagstaffEast, FlagstaffWest.  Conducts far-journeys in the UltimateRoadTrip across Infinity into ‘the nirvana’ of endless summers spent in Alpine Mountains – Alpine Deserts & remote site Mountain-Jungle-Beaches in the mission of preservation of culture within a culture of KIN.  For week-ends, holidays and any day of the week, access WHITEGLove@Concierge CALL:  914.512.4223.  Premium Specialty Concierge Services are provided into the Northern Arizona paradise tourism corridors.  Fully integrated high-frequency safaris’ & far-journeys may be accessed through SPECIAL SERVICES at  And if you are engaging in high altitude premiums for conversions into Member Donor & Member Key Status, then acquire ACCESS into INFINITY at and inquire about EschelonCapital@Interchange where ACCESS provisions SAFE-HARBOR, SAFE HAVEN Fail Safe Check-mate systemic Order of Magnitude. 

AmerikanSpacePorts.  Fueled by Range Ecology Experimental Exploration Mineralization Depot Stations Mr. Blackwell built an archipelago of prosperity across the American West, all four corners of the Great Circle of Zion and across America for Americans everywhere and in International primary thematic destinations.  As a holistic-alchemist Scott offers Master Classes and is a primary Market Maker UPscaling new economies of a magnitude of order.  Scott works inside elemental metallurgy, entheogenic pychedelic-plant-medicinal concoctions, decoctions and apothecarial elixir-mixers and has created a high frequency plant-based Alchemy which raises the magneto-electro brain heart & biome systemic functions, while it cleanses the blood and is a mitochondrial antidote to the self-toxemia and the poisonous dragon of retail food & beverage systems.  pro-generator.  master within ‘private-citadel-domain’.  sovereignty banking – currency design – smart-portable infrastructure installation and ‘masters craft-work in multiple interrelated disciplines’.  Apothecary toltec-teahouse & fizzbar franchise master and owner.  Currency Designer.  Serial Entrepreneur. Private Domain Asset-Banker.  Owner of multiple vertically integrated – horizontally managed ecology-friendly prosperity-centric enterprise-units which serve in the delivery of multiple layers of currency in support of the local to global community & Earths’ planetary energy body, a culture-at-risk worldwide.  WesternZAKLabs™ 10000 hrs+ ‘cubed’ – A highREDRoad Practitioner in the Shamanic fields – Taoist – Dao – Tao – TolTec – Nomadic – Taoist Way – ZENALchemy™ Apothecary Installations – Curbside Concierge Specialty Services – Intelligent Energy-> encrypted ordered Atmospheric rich-media signaling – privately conducted syndication of specialized content – KINGDOM BANKING in Assets of specific quality of a known specific value – precious metals backed & bonded interchange currency & Sophisticated Conscious- CryptoTechSaavy-‘Aesthetic-AutoAffiliateVending to fueL the Prosperity of the-aLL’

Blackwells’ Promise into ‘the-aLL’.  ”I have…and shall continue to serve you well with an unforgettable experience of wonder derived from within the wells of kept & curated treasures-> & rarefied wisdom -your realizations shall bring you a personal & magical form of haPpiness …should you choose to carry this ether once you capture it…  what ‘money can never buy’ shall forever glow from within your own presence as well as ours & the interconnected interelational interdependance of theaLL… and you shall leave this experience ‘ignited by the infinite sun of your own inner-chi after learning to fuel the cystalline-machinery’ that powers your own heart, mind & body, so that you may fill your own souls i m a g i n a t i o n as never before.”  ‘Stand & Wage War Against Stasis’.

WUWei Eschelon Matrix … ‘Engineering the build-out of ”the American Silk-Road & the Re-architecting of Society”...continuation]>  SBlackwell is incandescently-conductive; intensive – iridescent-vibrant… smooth yet piercing->energy – intentionally directed inner-chi; an accomplished new-energy-realm map-maker – successful discoverer & explorer – innovator.  Far Journeys are along the highREDRoad, engineering and building a newly minted ‘American SiLkRoad’ [evolved and to be unveiled – a new energy world phenom – ongoing unbridled intelligent-revelry] -superior innovation is daily applied to function – form & expertise is into theuLtimate Elements Game ~ from Alaska across Canada throughout the Western United States -> campaigns across European theatre – grand harbor Malta – Gozo – Tuscany into Amalfi-coast and …across the 7 seas.  Blackwell is industrious to serve the ecology friendly space ‘to put a dent in bringing the world out of wasteland-ruin’ – capacity is limitless – accomplished in exponentiation of currency – with Blackwell at the wheel navigational steerage to desired destinations and positive outcomes are assured – change for the optimal good happens.  Exploration includes studies & research into the inter-dimensional deep space Cosmos …since forever was a word there is never a time that isn’t relevant to using and optimizing O.U.R. – HUman Imagination ~ Practiced ALchemist – delivering life enhancing whole body brain fuel Scott and other practiced Taoists working together to bring harmony to community is resonating world wide physical domain installation of the ancient seers, a culture of [‘evolved iQ’], services – productively – objectively orientated in all pursuits as artiste, adventurer, discoverer, neuro-linguistic programmer, self-led analytical psychologist, holistic scientist, multi-modal …enterprise scale serial entrepreneur – technologist, hybrid-venture fund founder & [‘KINGDOM-BANK->CHARTERS ‘GEMSTONES-GOLDBRICKS-& JEWELED CORNERSTONES’]. 

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