Ron Regehr

Ron Regehr is a Veteran UFO Researcher.

Susan Morgan met Ron at her previous event Contact 2022, and they discovered they were mutual friends of John Lear.

Ron is going to speak bout the Ant People and the Hopi.

Ron: My Hopi Brother is a Holy Man (not a priest) whose tribal function is to bring up those who live below. His Father was one of 9 elders (3 from each mesa) who gathered in 1935 to present their prophecies for “when the time is right” My Brother believes NOW is the time–and the end of the 4th World is upon us. (Think Nibiru)


He will also speak

Hopi Story Bowls

For millennia, native people have used art as a means of communicating and sharing important events. Only recently in human development has written language evolved to the point where 

These three story bowls were created over 200 years ago by a First Mesa Hopi Elder and give us a glimpse into Hopi Prophecy. They are extremely fragile, and made from a cut gourd covered with a clay slurry and the designs carefully painted on them. Each one tells part of the story of the end times.