Riz Virk

Just Released – The Simulated Multiverse
An MIT Computer Scientist Explores Parallel Universes, Simulation Hypothesis,
Quantum Computing and the Mandela Effect

I’m excited to announce the general availability of a sequel of sort to The Simulation Hypothesis. My new book,  The Simulated Multiverse, is a journey back into rabbit hole of simulation theory with a different lens: that of the multiverse, turning our ideas of both space and time upside down.

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“Refining his impressions first introduced in The Simulation Hypothesis, with the progress of AI since his research at MIT, in The Simulated Multiverse, Virk has expanded his thesis in the wider scope of the multiverse, building on the framework of pioneers such as Nick Bostrom and Kurzweil. The result is a new challenge not only to theories of simulation, but to what constitutes reality itself, and human illusions of our rightful place within it.”
Jacques Vallée, venture capitalist, author of Forbidden Science

“I’m grateful to be living in a branch of the multiverse where if I’m asked to go into more detail about the relationship between Total Recall and quantum physics, I can simply point someone in the direction of this comprehensive and entertaining book. To quote a certain 1999 blockbuster: Woah.”
Rodney Ascher, director of A Glitch in the Matrix

“In The Simulated Multiverse, Riz Virk takes simulation theory and The Matrix to a new level. Using computational tools – complexity, artificial intelligence,  video games and quantum computing –Virk explains an interpretation of our world that sounds like science fiction: that we are living multiple parallel timelines.  If you want to get glimpses of possible presents, pasts, and futures, read this book!”
Brad Feld, venture capitalist and author of
The Startup Community Way

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“Perhaps The Matrix is more than a science fiction film; perhaps it reveals some truth about our world and our lives in this world. Read this book, if you dare.”
Tessa B. Dick, wife of Philip K. Dick and
author of Conversations with Philip K.  Dick,

Learn about the Metaverse: My Podcast is Back!
Second Season has a focus on the emerging metaverse: digital characters, avatars, NFTs and virtual worlds

My podcast is back for a second season. Joining me to talk about everything metaverse are top influencers, CEOs of innovative startups, and technical experts. We will be covering all aspects of the emerging metaverse moving from science fiction to reality, including blockchain/NFTs, avatars and AI characters, scaling and rendering technology, and interoperability.

List to the first 3 episodes now, on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, or on the web:

  1. Enter the Metaverse with John Radoff, CEO of Beamable – Learn about the history and the direction of the metaverse and why people are talking about it now.
  2. Avatars across the Metaverse with Timmu Toke, CEO of Ready Player Me.  Learn about “portable avatars” that look like you and how to get your own Dune-themed avatar, and how future incarnations of the metaverse might share the same avatar. Woah.
  3. AI and Virtual Characters in the Metaverse with Lauren and Kuki.ai – I speak with Lauren Kunze, CEO of iconiq and Pandorabots, about virtual embodied AI characters in the metaverse in general, including the landscape and Kuki.ai, their AI character that lives across the web and inside Roblox and other virtual worlds.  I also talk with Kuki.ai so you can see a resident of the metaverse in action

More episodes  coming every week or two which will deconstruct the past, present and future of the metaverse.

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