Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness is the foundation of the Contact 2022 retreat.

Without increasing our consciousness, we cannot achieve a level higher of awareness than the one we are operating with now. This is critical in relation to seeing and experiencing ourselves as the Cosmic Beings we truly are.

It is also critical if we want to see off planet ships and even possibly Beings.

The good news is we do not have to meditate in a cave in the Himalayas for decades to increase our consciousness.

Certainly, people that do deep states of meditation and yoga (in a cave or not) can access all kinds of information and experiences.

But we all can get much further consciously than we are right now.

Both Marcelo and Susan have experienced decades of consciousness work and have the ability to help others reach higher states of awareness.  Look at it as they have the gas to get you where you want to go.

They have each individually already taught hundreds the experience of higher states of awareness

and now you can have

both of them as your tag team!

We will wiggle your brain and snap your brain synapses through breathwork, meditation, shamanic drumming, cacao, achieving the ‘impossible’ through bending of forks and more.

All this activity is to set you up so you can be in the highest morphic field and

experience life and contact in a fresh and lasting way!

Congratulations on your commitment to enhance yourself

which enhances your life and those around you!