I have been awake since before I was born! I remember being in my mother’s stomach pissed off at my father for having sex, bothering me inside her stomach. Later when he was sleeping and I felt his back against my mother’s stomach I kicked him so hard that he fell out of bed. My mother will show you her stretch marks. She told me when I was born that I was standing holding the side of the crib in the infirmary looking around to see where I was! She said she could see the muscles in my strong neck. I was born at 11:11 pm with a Stellium in Scorpio and Chinese element of Water Tiger. I have green eyes, not from here like red heads.

I came to help and am in service to humanity. I am the whistleblower who gave Jesse Ventura the FEMA Camp information about the coffin liners in 1993 that he shared with Alex Jones two years later but they forgot to share the Civilian Inmate Handbooks I also talk about. I was told to lay low until 2013 when it was safe to get up on stage and become a public speaker.


 It took me until this year (2020) to figure out that the Trump I met for an hour and spoke with is not the Trump of then but now! I met the Trump who is older than our President in this timeline (yes, there are two Trumps in this timeline). He went back to 1985 to tell me he liked what I was doing but I thought he meant the fancy skateboarding in Century City and the Parcour jumping off things but he meant the public speaking and sharing of my research information! You see, Tesla and Trump’s uncle John G. were best friends in the 1920s and built the New Yorker Hotel which is a time machine and electrical generating plant. Tesla had this technology but said that they didn’t control then but they do control the future, which is now!

We are about to join the Galactic Universe with free energy and time travel which is our seventh sense (psychic ability is our sixth sense silly). I am excited to be back to help!