Devara Thunderbeat

The name “ThunderBeat”, was given to her by Native American elders, for her abilities to heal and awaken through the power of sound. Multi Awards winning, Musician / Composer, Author, 22 DNA Activator, Certified Reiki Master, Producer, and a Pioneer in Sound Healing.  Number 1 Monroe institute HEMI–SYNC Sound Healer for 12 years running.

She is an Author of Four books, “Awakening the Chakras”, “HAND DRUMMING, My Encounters with ET’s & Angels. Her latest book and founder of, Sedona Faces in the Rocks / Ancient Egypt in Sedona, AZ 

She has been a featured guest on a variety of International TV and radio networks Including Gaia TV. ! She has won numerous awards including a Beacon of Light award for her inspiration, creativity, wisdom, compassion, and service to the community and the world. She is the Producer of the successful “Sedona Cosmic Awakening” Conference in Sedona, AZ  


 FRIDAYS Presentation: Ancient Egypt in Sedona 


This Activation using color Light & Sound 

Will Raise Your Frequency Bringing 

You Into Higher States Of Consciousness, Awareness. 

Removes Negative Energies and Old Programming.

Connects you with Your Higher Self.  5D Activation!

 Be Ready for the Shifts!


SATURDAYS Presentation

Ancient Egypt in Sedona   

Ancient Egypt has been discovered in the Red Rocks of Sedona AZ. A visual presentation at showing Sphinxes, Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Pyramids, Camels and more!