Chris ‘Tolec’


In early September 2010 – Tolec learned he’s a representative, an emissary, of the Andromeda Council, an intergalactic, interstellar and interdimensional governance & development body of aligned, benevolent star systems & planets of sentient, intelligent life… for worlds in both the Milky Way & Andromeda galaxies. In deep space, this governance body is known by its ambassadors & diplomats as the: “Galactic Council ”.

This coalition has twelve (12) senior star system members with Ambassadors from their respective senior home worlds, including representatives of an additional [approximately] 140 star systems and 300 planets. Tolec is a formal member of the Council’s ~ “Joint Earth Council ” ~ advisory board.

During Tolec’s September 2010 contact experience – he learned that his first conscious, fully awake contact as an adult happened in early August 1993 with a cosmic, [5D] interdimensional human, a man from planet Dakote, Taygeta star system, “Ciyewayeki”, who Tolec has learned is the person responsible for the direct management of the twelve (12) Council biospheres currently stationed in this solar system.

It was during Tolec’s August 1993 contact that he traveled with “Ciyewayeki” back-in-time on three (3) loosely clustered together, but separate, time-travel trips, to the 1840s, to an area of rural Kentucky, or West Virginia, to observe a family of four (4) in their day-to-day life struggles. This trip for the both of them revealed much about the emotional nature of Earth humans of the perception of organic human life, and “death”, on this planet.

In the 30+ years of his professional career, he worked for 17 years in the healthcare software industry holding increasingly responsible management roles. Then for 12 years as a senior liaison doing global corporate diplomacy with foreign government ministers and officials, their intermediaries, international banks and their Private Clients as a senior Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO) in international finance.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science with a concentration in Public Administration. Today, and since early autumn 2015, Tolec organizes and produces U.S & Australia based “Transformational Shift Events” -and- Native spiritual, cultural & arts focused “WOPILA, GATHERING OF NATIONS” conferences [hailed by some as a result of his 2016 Tucson conference], “…a profound, insightful, unforgettable, expansion in truth & transparency… a deeply moving spiritual experience.”

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