Bending Forks

The first question any reasonable person might ask about the ability to bend forks would be “Why?”

But if we spend a moment or two thinking about this we will realize that the ability to twist a fork (which involves going back to the point in time where the fork is actually be heated and molded)

means we can travel across time and use this skill to bring healing to our world.

Years ago Susan Morgan hosted Gene Ang on a class involving Fork and Spoon Bending. (btw, forks are more fun to bend)  There are a few meditations that can put us in a state of mind wherein we can bend metal.  This is not a gimmick as you will see when you can bend a fork yourself.

This also has to do with morphic fields which is a topic that will also be covered.

If this sounds to complicated or if you think you need a science degree to do this, please know that it is taught in a way everyone can participate and have fun too!