“Dreaming Wide Awake” 
by Ashley Lee, RN, Global Energy Master
BIO: Ashley Lee is a Pediatric Global Quantum Energy Healer who is focused with creating Global Energy Mastery Schools for Children (pre-conception through young adulthood) and their families, through facilitating, guiding and stewarding Energy Mastery in the physical, emotional, mental and spirituals realms to unify their energy fields individually and collectively, optimizing their relationships with themselves, others and the environments we all consciously choose to create.
Dreaming Wide Awake is an experiential awareness connecting with the Divinity in YOU!
I am introducing a partnered colleague to this presentation production, Kate Lumley.
K8 the heARTist is an inspirational Artist and Creator of eWEtopia and has created a Podcast with me (years ago) and the Inspirational ART for this presentation!
Listing Site on Center for Conscious Kids – https://centerforconsciouskids.com/listing/k8-the-heartist
You Tube Video Podcast “Dreaming While Awake” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3DEQziuL0Q